Weed Dating 2019

In March of 2019, a group of Epsilon Eta members helped organize UNC's annual Weed Dating event with the Carolina Campus Community Garden. The event is designed to get students involved in volunteering at the garden in a friendly and welcoming environment. This years event attracted student volunteers for an afternoon of harvesting, planting and turning compost. All of the produce from the garden is distributed to UNC housekeeping employees throughout the year. 


Debuted during UNC's annual Shackathon (a week-long event where Chapel Hill's student groups raise money for Habitat for Humanity) in 2019, these beerings are made using leftover bottle caps! They were sold along with plants and more to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Epsilon Eta members made them throughout the week in our shack.

Sustainability Sale

During the spring of 2019, we held a sustainability sale with reusable straws made from metal. Replacing single-use products, such as plastic straws, from day-to-day life reduces the amount of waste we generate. Epsilon Eta also sold these straws with bamboo toothbrushes—bamboo is a much more sustainable alternative to plastic in toothbrushes—succulents, and our iconic beerings at Shackathon.

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