About Epsilon Eta

Formed in 2006 by Liza Schillo, Epsilon Eta began with the intention of forming a close-knit group of about 50 active students who were passionate about the environment. Since it's formation, EpEta has remained committed to environmental service and community values.

The first Ep Eta induction ceremony in 2006.

What We Do

Over the years, Epsilon Eta members have participated in and organized an incredible amount of events, volunteer opportunities and programs. 

As part of Epsilon Eta’s philanthropy component, we adopted a portion of Estes Drive and host clean ups throughout each school semester.

Each year, Epsilon Eta is proud to send numerous members to UNC’s  Annual  Clean Tech Summit. The summit combines business, policy, and academia to discuss clean and renewable technology in the state of North Carolina.

One of the highlights of the Epsilon Eta semester is a weekend retreat to either the mountains or the beach. Members bond by hiking, cooking meals together, volunteering, and even doing acro-yoga! 

In 2017, Epsilon Eta participated in UNC's first Carolina Blueprint, a fundraiser modeled after NC State's Shackathon to bring awareness to the issue of affordable housing. Epsilon Eta was one of 4 clubs competing and raising money for Habitat for Humanity. The event raised $11,000 for the organization, and Epsilon Eta won the competition for Carolina Blueprint.

Our Constitution

Most Recent Update: February 25, 2019

Click the icon below to view the Epsilon Eta Constitution

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